Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17 Back in the Saddle!

My intentions for writing a regular blog were honest and true but funny how life can get in the way! I am rededicating myself to "A Vintage Life - The Magnolia Collection" blog so please stay tuned...and feel free to give me a swift kick if this isn't updated regularly!

I just bought wonderful hairpins from BlackCatMima on etsy! She makes the most beautiful stuff from recycled/upcycled vintage earrings! Check out her beauties here:

I am always on the hunt for fabulous vintage lingerie and found some real beauties last week! Racey undies in red nylon, lace and black pleated chiffon with the original tags!


My find of the week though was not was a to die for floor-sweeping emerald gown with a 215" hemline and an OCTOPUS belt!


I wish all of you happy hunting in your quest for vintage goodies!