Friday, August 30, 2013

A Labor Day Weekend Heat Wave....and cool vintage earrings!

All week it's been ungodly hot here in Omaha.  The kind of high humidity and heat that actually gives you goosebumps when you step outside.  Tanks and shorts have been my go-to outfits of choice for the last few days but this morning I was thinking about my granny who suffered from a lifetime of Baltimore summers.  She and the lovely ladies of her generation (and every generation before) still looked beautiful despite the sweltering summers.  So today, with a heat index of 107ish I wore a pretty cotton frock from the late 50s of black and white gingham.

This poor dress has been in the donate pile so often, but I keep pulling it out!  It is held together by about 15 safety pins and missing a slew of buttons.  It also has a nice repair on the right butt cheek!  Still its crisp, and looks pretty, if you don't looks too close!  I especially like the collar and the darling peaked pocket!
The other reason I love it is it's too big!  I rarely find vintage dresses that fit let alone ones that are a smidge too large, and on a hot day a loose dress is perfection!  The vintage stretch red belt with the black and red Lucite buckle keeps the dress from looking potato-sackish.

The drawback to any white cotton dress is the neccesity of a slip - I don't mind slips at all but on a day like today the last thing I needed was another layer!  I decided on a purple and black stunner!!  (Celebrating my Baltimore heritage in Ravens colors!)
Lastly, on a hot day I don't wear a lot of jewelry - my favorite bangles and necklaces are saved for cooler weather....but earrings are easy in hot weather and these 1960s novelty thermometer earrings actually work!

Here's a 60s beauty for hot end of summer days!!

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Until next time....Happy Vintage Hunting!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Well Hung - Art Around the Manse

I really wanted to do another outfit post, but it's been in the 90's with unbearable humidity...and I threw out my back mowing the lawn!  So as I a vintage leopard Vanity Fair nightgown with the rattiest, and most beloved, 1960s blue rose terrycloth bathrobe I thought I'd share my favorite bits of art!

I would LOVE to have a mid century home - but alas, as much as I love it for others I am a traditionalist at heart.  Give me battered old oil paintings and I'm a happy girl!  The following bits of beauty have been picked up entirely at thrift stores!

A bowl of bluebells found in Connecticut and below, a painting marked France on the back.
A pretty summer painting signed Scott - unframed and found at a garage sale!
One of my favorites!  Found for $2 - a sailboat on the sea and a town lane - marked Italy on the back.
No markings at all - fall color sand I can't decide if it's English or Scandinavian.
The most expensive painting I own - $40ish from an antique mall - decommissioned from a museum
This large one hangs above the piano.  Based on the figures I'd guess Guatemala.
Another favorite - found at the Goodwill Warehouse for $0.97/pound!  A gorgeous old frame and very old paint.  I love her!  She graces the dining room and as  a side note - Hubby James just walked past her the other day, stood stock still and said "oh, that's nice where'd we get her?"

We've had it for 4 years!
Prefer the more mod look???

What sort of art do you collect or decorate with?  And more importantly does it match the style of decor you like or is there a disconnect between art you love and interiors you love?

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Until next time....Happy Vintage Hunting!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Hat Inspires a Dress - how very old fashioned!

My birthday was in June and I asked Hubby James for a sewing machine.  I had gotten it into my head that because I don't fit into so many of the beautiful dresses I carry in the shop that it might be a smart idea to make my own based on vintage patterns.  Smart, right?  Well it didn't phase me a bit that I had exactly 8 sewing lessons when I was 12 - I jumped right in.......and the frustration began!

I've found I adore sewing and have been amassing vintage patterns and fabric for the last two months.  I've made about 5 dresses - only one complete.  The other four are in final stages but on each one there is something that has stumped me!  Thank God for  neighbor-friend, Jan,  who sews and has promised to stop by this weekend to help me finish them!

I found this reprinted pattern at the sewing store and am working on it in a fall colored crepe, but had also seen this fabric - which to me looked very 40s and for a week I kept thinking I should have purchased it.

It's a pretty pinkish purple with feathers of dark blue, green and black.  For whatever reason I didn't get the fabric....until....on my day off, I found this hat!  The vintage gods had smiled upon me!!

The same color and with a "feather" of iridescent beads in blues, greens and blacks!!!  The veil even has teeny tiny pearls on it!!
So of course I raced over to the sewing store and bought the fabric. All of it.  Not sure why I need eight yards....but when the stars align, you don't ask why, you just go with it!

Of course I'll probably need neighbor-friend Jan's help!!

I'll keep you posted, and will share some of the other dresses as I finish them.  We should also discuss at some point whether or not is odd that I'm buying vintage sheets to make into summer dresses - LOL!

Looking for a 40s dress with perfectly straight seams?  I've got a few in the shop including this beauty who is on sale for 30% off!

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Until next time....Happy Vintage Hunting!

The End of Summer and a New Begining

I've been so inspired by some recent vintage blogs that I've decided to dust off the old blog and give it a new shot!  I always love seeing what other vinties are wearing so I will definitely share some outfit posts...mind you I tend to look startled and uneasy in photos (hopefully that will change) and unlike some vintage gals who really focus on a particular era,  I wear almost all eras!

I also want A Vintage Life to a place to share new old finds!  So whether they're bits of furniture, art,  retro glassware, fabulous recipes or clothing and jewelry, this will be their stage! first Outfit  post!!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day - on the spur of the moment (ok, so honestly it was mid-morning and I was out of coffee) I decided to take the day off.  I LOVE being a vintage clothing seller and really enjoy working; but even so, every once in a while you need what my mom called "A Mental Health Day" and yesterday was it!

I donned a purple barkcloth Asian inspired 70s Hilo Hattie Hawaiian dress with the prettiest cream hibiscuses and paired it with fakelite faux jade clip on hoops, a big black feather hair bunny and black wedges.

I spent the day at a few thrift stores, had lunch and then hit the local antique mall (where I used to have a booth) and spent hours wandering!  It was heaven!!  A pair of Tiki mask earrings found me and of course they were perfect with the dress so I got them as well as the sweetest little red plastic bird pin and a fab hat....but more on the hat later.

How cute??

So here I am in the mirror at The Magnolia Collection Headquarters!  It was the end of a humid 97 degree day so what little makeup I started with was long gone.  How perfect are those earrings???

The Magnolia Collection

So what is on your vintage wish list when you're out and about?  Thanks for reading and of course I'd love to have you stop by my ebay shop - that's the link up there!  I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time....promise it won't be another 5 years!