Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Garage Sale Re-Do in Hot Pink

Garage and yard sale season will be drawing to a close soon so I'm taking every opportunity I can to hit as many as I can before the weather turns.  Some of my favorite pieces have come from garage sales including a stunning 1913 wedding dress earlier this summer!

Shipping large items is a challenge so most of my furniture purchases go to The Magnolia Collection's antique booth at the Fairmont Antique Mall in Omaha's historic Old Market.

This was a little bit of an odd purchase for me - an 80s faux brass vanity bench.  I've come across these so many times before and never looked twice at them but the $1 price tag meant this was an affordable challenge!

A ratty purple cushion actually was the inspiration for the new colors.

Primed with spray metal primer and painted in Krylon Glitter Pink ($8.99 at Hobby Lobby and probably cheaper at Home Depot).......Side Note - While I love the color choices in Krylon I've found Rustoleum is a much better quality and easier to use.

Once I moved the painted bench to the patio to snap a picture it occurred to me that a couple of these in bright colors would make prefect extra seating - I'm now keeping an eye out for two more - one I'll do in a bright blue and one in a lime green and cover those two cushions in this all weather/outdoor fabric:

I made the seat cover for this hot pink mama, using the dimensions from the original cushion,  from one of my favorite bits of Pucci-esque polished cotton.  I will be so sad when I've used all of this fabric up!!

So this $1 beauty will head down to the antique mall tomorrow!  If you're looking to spruce up your dressing table I'll be listing this darling 1960s purple floral oval train case on The Magnolia Collection ebay site tomorrow!

Note my fab pink marbled chrome 1950s kitchen table!!!

We are having a 50% off sale so please stop by on ebay and grab some fabulous vintage at killer prices!

Thanks for reading and of course I'd love to have you stop by my eBay shop - that's the link up there!  I'd love to hear from you!
Until next time....Happy Vintage Hunting!

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