Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Late Summer Garden

Such a beautiful day today after the incredible high heat and humidity of the past week.  The garden is in its last throes - it's looking tired and hot (aren't we all!) but is still producing tons of veggies.  I am still waiting patiently for the morning glories to bloom but the hyacinth beans are looking beautiful!!

Lucy, out three year old Weimaraner is still trying to convince us she's not a vegetarian...she does, in her defense, eat entire lasagnas, pans of brownies and Prada prescription glasses when given the chance.  She also hunts vintage mink and rabbit and isn't opposed to the occasional electrical cord (luckily none have been plugged in and she does seem to have outgrown this chewy delicacy).  But, on a daily basis she raids the garden.  We have yet to eat a pepper - she gets them first and they are her favorites!

Today's harvest - peppers!!!!  Eggplant, tomatoes, cukes and beans.

Some flowers....

The mums are planted in the pot that was my birthday present from my 11 year old!

No real outfit post today...I wore a pretty a-line princess cut jersey knit sleeveless shift by Melvine of Miami - the tag line on the palm tree bedecked label reads : Hits of the American Riviera - how cool!  It has a pretty border print:

I did spend some time this morning fooling with my hair - it's the exact same texture and number of actual hairs that I had when I was 2 - my hair never grew up!  I am pleasd with the faux 40s look though and will get a better shot in the next few days.

I hope you had a chance this weekend to putter around your garden!  Did you have any favorite new or old plants this year?

A garden inspired skirt from my shop....this is an all time favorite of mine!

Thanks for reading and of course I'd love to have you stop by my eBay shop - that's the link up there!  I'd love to hear from you!
Until next time....Happy Vintage Hunting!

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